Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Spray Painting Projects

Blast and Repaint – MV Tramp Workboat

The harsh saltwater working condition takes its toll on the "Tramp", time for a revamp!

Blast and Paint – Winches for East Coast Maritime

Neumann Industrial Coatings were engaged by East Coast Maritime to paint the winch components for their vessel “ECM Twenty Six”, a 26m workboat.

Restoration – Truck Body

Restoration of Truck Body for a local Customer. Old to New again!

Blast and Paint – Truck Bodies

Abrasive blast and paint of a variety of truck bodies and tray fixtures for Lift Industries.

Blast and Paint – Water Pipes and Fittings

Neumann Contractors can provide abrasive blasting services for the preparation of water pipes and fittings prior to painting.

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