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Lift Industries

Abrasive Blasting and Spray Painting of Truck Bodies for Lift Industries

We recently won a contract to paint Truck bodies for a Lift Industries.  Lift Industries is a supplier, manufacturer and maintenance provider for insulated Elevated Work Platforms and Crane Borers based in Queensland.

Scope of Works
  • Abrasive Blasting

The truck bodies are abrasive blasted using GL 40 Steel Grit (about 0.5mm) to White Metal specification (Sa3, AS 1627.9).

  • Industrial Coatings

They are then primed with Nason Industrial 2K ZP epoxy primer.  This is a two component epoxy anti-corrosive primer pigmented with zinc phosphate.

The fast drying and handling properties, together with extended overcoatability, make this an excellent primer for factory application prior to full system application on site. Nason Industrial 2K ZP provides good abrasion resistance which minimises mechanical damage in transit between the factory and site.

We then spray two tops coats of Nason Industrial NI-610 2K polyurethane in the desired colours, generally black on the underside, white on top to match the cabin and highlighted with safety yellow  for hand rails etc…

The Nason Industrial NI-610 2K polyurethane is  two component, high gloss, polyurethane finish, and provides excellent durability and flexible application.  It is suitable for use in both new construction and as a maintenance finish which can be used in a wide variety of environments including offshore structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges, pulp and paper mills, and in the power industry.


We also have refurbished some bodies that are back for there 10 year inspections.  This involves abrasive blasting of the old painted surfaces and painting in the fashion mentioned previously.

Link Industries are extremely happy with our completed works and we look forward to providing continued services for them.

Materials Used:
Product Description:

Nason Industrial 2k ZP Epoxy Primer (650-04)

Product Features:

  • Wet on wet application
  • Excellent over spray absorption
  • Excellent surface filling properties
  • Contains zinc phosphate
  • High film build & sag resistance
  • High chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to prepared steel

Product Benefits:

  • Reduced time to topcoat, high productivity
  • High productivity for spraying large items
  • Sandable to achieve a high quality finish
  • Excellent corrosion resistance over steel
  • Excellent coverage & run free finish
  • Wide range of industrial environments
  • Long term film integrity & protection

Products Uses:

For use in coastal, chemical or marine environments, where a higher level of corrosion protection and/or chemical resistance is required (e.g. on mild steel; galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium) than is provided by conventional alkyd ZP primers.  Also suitable for use on fiberglass.

  • Commercial transport & components;
  • Mobile mining, earth moving, construction & agricultural equipment and attachments;
  • Structural steel industrial and commercial;
  • Industrial plant equipment and machinery;
  • Pipeline & tank exteriors.
Product Description:

NI-610 is a “High Performing” 2 pack (2K) high gloss, isocyanate cured polyurethane topcoat based on Axalta owned technology. The resulting durable coating delivers excellent weathering and anti-corrosion properties (when applied over the recommended primers & Primer surfacers) and is suitable for use where a high performance type of 2K PU coating is required.

Product Features:
  • Excellent gloss & colour retention
  • Excellent flow and application properties
  • Hard and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Fast dust free drying time
  • Range of hardeners and thinners

Product Benefits:

  • Long lasting film integrity & durability
  • Superior quality and high gloss finish
  • Extended service life
  • Use for manufacturing & material handling
  • Fast turnaroundtime & high productivity
  • Flexibility in application & performance

Product Uses/Applications:

The product provide excellent topcoat appearance and protection of properly primed metal surfaces in industrial environments. It is suitable for painting commercial vehicles such as buses, refurbishment of commercial vehicles, machinery and any article that requires a better than standard style 2K PU performance. This topcoat can be applied over properly prepared Nason® Industrial primers and surfacer coated substrates.

  • Commercial transport & components;
  • Mobile mining, earth moving, construction and agricultural equipment & attachments;
  • Fabricated structural steel, handrails;
  • Material handling equipment;
  • Industrial plant equipment and machinery(including chemical plants);
  • Topsides of marine pleasure craft;
  • Pipeline and tank exteriors.


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