Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings

Neumann Industrial Coatings can offer specialised service and expert advice over a wide range of industrial spray-painting techniques over a variety of surfaces, at our Currumbin Facility, on the Gold Coast. Our services include the application of:

  • Primers and Priming
  • Topcoats
  • Heat Proof Coatings
  • Salt Water Resistant Paints
  • Two Pac Paint
  • Enamels
  • Micron Testing

We can handle most industrial coatings needs and we have a single site at Currumbin on the Gold Coast for Steel Fabrication, Abrasive Blasting as well as Industrial Coatings, so we can provide a complete start to end package.

Australian Standards

Neumann Industrial Coatings follows all applicable Australian Standards in all its spray painting and associated activities, including:
  • AS/NZS 4114.1:2003 – Spray painting boots, designated spray areas and paint mixing rooms – Design, construction and testing
  • AS/NZ 60079.10.1:2009 – Explosive atmospheres – Classification of areas – Explosive gas atmospheres
All Neumann Contractors personnel are competent and suitable trained, qualified and supervised.

Industrial Coatings fully complies with:

We only use high quality paints and materials from leading suppliers such as:

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